The first course on Power Electronics and Drives by Ned Mohan

The First course on power electronics and drive is designed with undergraduate students in mind who are likely to take only one course on this subject. The author NED Mohan did his best to prepare these students for industry and provide a roadmap for life-long learning. Based on feedback from over about 350 faculty members, they have provided adequate breadth and depth in less than 250 pages. The book includes a CD disc which contains helping material not only for students but also for teachers.

The first course on power electronics and drives by Ned Mohan and Mnpere
Features :
  • The CD Rom included with the book offers extra materials like
  • Prepared Lecture Slides with Examples (great for students too!) 
  • PSpice 9.1 student version ready-to-install (nothing to download or order) 
  • PSpice-based realistic Examples and Problems 
  • Hardware-Lab-on-a-CD: contains hardware lab setups and the measured (NOT simulated ) waveforms.
  • Only 248 pages allow coverage from front-to-back in one semester 
  • Prepared (ready-to-run) Examples on the CD can be easily modified for assigning realistic homework problems 
  • Prepared Lectures Slides save instructors valuable preparation time 
  • Actual Hardware Lab measured waveforms make it real (next best to having lab setups in your school) 
  • Total Experience
Contents :

In the First course on Power Electronics, the author Ned Mohan has covered the following topics.

  1. Application and structure of switch-mode power electronic systems
  2. Practical details implementing a switching power pole (the building block)
  3. DC-DC converter: Switching details and their average dynamic models
  4. Designing the feedback controller in the DC-DC converter
  5. Diode rectifier and their design
  6. Power factor correction circuit (PFC) including the controller design
  7. Review of magnetic concept
  8. Transformer isolated switch mode DC power supply
  9. Design of high-frequency inductor and transformer
  10. Soft-Switching in DC-DC converter, and its application in high-frequency AC synthesis in induction heating and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s)
  11. Electric Motor Drives
  12. Synthesis of DC and low-frequency sinusoidal AC in Motor drives and uninterrupted Power supply (UPS)
  13. Control of electric drives and UPS
  14. Thyristor converter
  15. Utility application of Power Electronics


The first Course on Power Electronics and Drive
Ned Mohan and 

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