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Electronic devices are electronic components which control the flow of electric current for information, control system or power purposes. The basic electronic devices are diodes and transistor, which are combined to make a complex design.

Forward & Reverse Bias of Diode Explained by V-I Characteristic Curves

forward bias and Reverse bias of diode

A diode can be connected in forward and reverse bias with a source. In Forward bias connection, a diode conducts current like a closed switch. Where in reverse bias, a diode blocks current like an open switch.

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What is Intrinsic and Extrinsic SemiConductor: P and N-Type Explained

Semiconductor Basic: Intrinsic and Extrinsic

A semiconductor is a type of electrical material, which is used in electronic devices like PN junction diode, transistor and many more a replacement for a vacuum tube. The semiconductor can be intrinsic or extrinsic, where extrinsic has N-type and P-type.

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Difference between electrical conductor, semiconductor and insulator

Difference between electrical conductor, semiconductor and insulator

Based on electrical resistivity, a material can be divided into three types: conductor, insulator, and semiconductor.

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Power Electronics Handbook by Muhammad H. Rashid

Power Electronic Handbook by Muhammad H. Rashid 4th Edition

This handbook is a textbook for power electronics Starting from the electronics devices like Diodes, Transistors, SCR and so on. Then Muhammad H. Rashid explains its applications like DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-DC, AC-AC converter.

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The first course on Power Electronics and Drives by Ned Mohan

The first course on power electronics and drives by Ned Mohan and Mnpere

The author Ned Mohan tried his best to prepare students for industries by providing a broad and depth knowledge of power electronics by giving the gift of "The first course on Power Electronics and Drive".

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Electronic Devices and Circuits by S. Salivahanan

S. Salivahanan

Electronic Devices and Circuits by S. Salivahanan is the complete set for an electronics engineer starting from the very basic up to advance concepts of electronics.

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Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Robert Boylestad

ELectronic Devices and circuit theory by boylestad

For upper-level courses in Devices and Circuits at Electrical and Electronic Engineering universities. This text, highly accurate and thoroughly written, has set the standard in electronic devices and circuit theory for over 25 years.

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All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide by Harry Kybett & Earl Boysen

all new electronics self-teaching guide by harry kybett

All new electronics self-teaching guide is intended for self-learner with high speed. The book featuring great question-answer format, self-test at the end of each chapter and illustrative experiments.

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Fundamental of Electrical Engineering by Giorgio Rizzoni

fundamental of electrical engineering giorgio rizzoni

Fundamental of electrical engineering is written by Giorgio Rizzoni, comprising the basics of electrical engineering and extending to electronics and system analysis.

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Electronic Devices by Thomas L. Floyd Download

Electronic Devices by Thomas L. Folyd

Electronics devices by Thomes L. Floyd is the textbook for analog electronics.

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