Electrical and Electronics Engineering Services and Consultancy

Electric Shocks provides electrical and electronics engineering services by industry experts. Electric Shock is a team circuit designer, PCB designer, embedded engineer, technical writer, and electrical drawing. Our team can help you through your project for a reasonable price.

We can help you with your project by designing Circuit Schematic, Circuit Simulation, Electrical Drawing, PCB Designing

Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical Switches Common Electrical problems, Electrical and electronics Engineering Services
testing resistor with digital multi meter, Electrical and electronics engineering services
testing resistor with a digital multimeter

Our Electronics engineering team can help in Embedded Systems Project, Mictroncroller Programming, Arduino Programming, Rasbarrery Pi Programming

Electronics Engineering Services

We can write your Technical Reports, Proof Reading, Beamer Presentation, Fillable PDF, and Online Data Collection Forms, Word to PDF Conversion

Technical Writing Services

Electric Shocks provides Electrical and Electronics pdf downloadable books, Technical Writing Services