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Learn the ways of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Electrical Engineering

Electric Shocks educates with basics of electrical engineering starting from Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s laws, Theorems, and divider rules. Afterward, we explain advanced topics like Phasors, RLC in AC circuits and impedance, and reactance.

Maximum Power Transfer Theorem, Electrical Engineering
LR circuit analysis, Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Electric Shocks discussed Electronics Engineering basics. Starting from the formation of the PN junction, the PN junction as a diode and its characteristics, half-wave, and full-wave rectifiers, and voltage multipliers.

Installation and Wiring

Electric Shocks shares different methods and standards in electrical installation and its required safety measures for industrial, commercial, and domestic installation. 

Safety Tips: Commercial Installation and Maintenance for Electrical Wiring,

Electric Shocks provides Electrical and Electronics engineering pdf downloadable books

Engineering Books

Electric Shocks provides prominent books in the field of electrical and electronics engineering from diverse authors. Major books are reviewed covering power electronics, control system engineering, fundamental electronics, circuit theory, and electronic devices.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Community

Electric Shocks has embedded each post with extra helping widgets like infographics, illustrations, animations, and on-page formula calculators. We have a forum for learners and experts to share their thoughts. 

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Community Forum
Electrical Testing tools - Basic Electrician tools

Electric Shocks Services

Electric Shocks experts may help you in electrical and electronics engineering projects, and Technical Writing

Electrical and Electronics Engineering MCQs

Electric Shocks assess and expand your knowledge through online test in Electrical and Electronics Engineering by MCQs designed to help you prepare for compitetive exam.

What is electric Shock

Shahab Yousafzai is a professional electrical engineer, he served multiple organizations with vast responsibilities. By making Electric Shocks, he intended to provide a better platform for beginner and experienced engineers to learn or share their experiences.

Michael Smith got his undergraduate degree in 2016 from a reputable university securing high grades. He is now working as a professional electronics engineer for an internationally recognized organization.

Electric Shocks