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Electronics Engineering

Electric Shock discussed Electronics Engineering basics. Starting from the formation of PN junction, PN junction as a diode and its characteristics, half-wave, and full-wave rectifiers and voltage multipliers.

LR circuit analysis
Maximum Power Transfer Theorem

Electrical Circuit Analysis

Electric Shock discusses the different method of circuit analysis starting from the Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s current and voltage laws, Thevenin’s and Norton Theorem, superposition theorem, Current and Voltage divider rule. We also explain the Phasors, RL, RC, and RLC from the AC circuit. We also elaborate capacitor charging and discharging, impedance and reactance.

PDF Books

Electric Shock provides prominent books in the field of electrical and electronics engineering from diverse authors. Downloadable pdf books cover power electronics, control system engineering, fundamental electronics, circuit theory, and electronic devices.

Electric Shocks provides Electrical and Electronics pdf downloadable books
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Community Forum

EE Engineer's Community

Electric Shock has embedded each post with extra helping widgets like infographics, illustrations, animations, and on-page formula calculators. We have a forum for learners and experts to share their thoughts. 

Michael has got his undergraduate degree in 2016 from a reputable university securing high grads. He is now working as a professional electronics engineer for an internationally recognized organization.
Michal Smith From Electric Shocks
Michael Smith
Electronics Engineer
Shahab Yousafzai is a professional electrical engineer, who has a history with the field since 2008. He is interested in Power Electronics, Analog Electronics, and Electric Machines.
Shahab Yousafzai from Electric Shocks
Shahab Yousafzai
Electrical Engineer

Electric Shocks

The Shock, You Need

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