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In a series connection, head of a component is connected with the tail of another component. The connection leads to a single path for current.

Capacitor in series and parallel combination: The capacitor connection

Capacitors in Series and parallel

Capacitors can be connected in series and parallel to achieve the desired capacitance. The capacitance of series connection decreases and that of parallel connection increases.

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Star Delta (Y-Δ) Transformation with Example

Star Delta Conversion

Star Delta Transformations and Delta Star Transformations allow us to convert resistances or impedances connected together at three different nodes from one type of connection to another and vice versa.

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Introductory Circuit Analysis by Robert L. Boylestad

Introductory Circuit Analysis Robert l. Boylestad

Introductory circuit analysis is the book for the students with circuit analysis tools starting from basic with DC circuit then apply all these tools to AC circuit. Afterward, it describes Decibels and Bode plot and a touch to system analysis.

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Resistors in Series Circuits: Equivalent Resistance

Resistors in series circuit

Resistors are in series if there is only one path for the flow of current. That's why current remain same for all the resistors in series.

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