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An inductor is a passive electronic component which stores energy in the form of a magnetic field. An inductor is a wire wrapped over and over like a coil.

RLC Series circuit, phasor diagram with solved problem

Industrial machine

RLC Series circuit contains a resistor, capacitor, and inductor in series combination across an alternating current source. The behavior of components can be explained by phasor diagrams, impedance and voltage triangles.

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Average power in ac circuit: The power factor & its importance?

active reactive and apparent power

Power Factor (PF) play an important role in average power dissipation in an ac circuit. PF leads to the concept of three different real, reactive and apparent power, which is better explained by Power triangle.

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Reactance and Impedance of capacitor and inductor in AC circuit

Inductive and capacitive reactance in AC circuit

Capacitor and inductor oppose current in AC circuit because of inertia of electron motion, which is called capacitive and inductive reactance respectfully.

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RL Circuit Transient: Inductor Charging and Discharging

LR circuit analysis

In RL series circuit, during the inductor charging phase, the voltage across the inductor gradually decrease to zero and the current through the inductor goes to the maximum in five-times constant (5 taus).

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What is inductor, inductance and How it store energy

Inductor and inductance

An inductor is a passive circuit element which stores energy in the form of the magnetic field. Inductors are made of wrapped conducting wires or coil, to enhance the effectiveness of inductor number of turns are increased. An inductor is not anticipated to dissipate energy, it only stores energy and then delivers it to the circuit when required. Various symbols …

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