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Electronic Devices by Thomas L. Floyd provides a very strong foundation for Analog electronics concepts and programmable devices. The author Thomas L. Floyd incorporates real-world examples for practical understanding at the end of each chapter. A separate section of troubleshooting teaches students how to identify faulty devices and troubleshoot them.

Electronic Devices by Thomas L. Folyd

Chapters 1 and 2 of the book have significantly worked for more effective coverage of the introduction to electronics and diodes. New topics such as the quantum model of the atom have been added.

GreenTech Applications appears after each of the first six chapters. The book Electronic Devices has introduced the application of electronics to solar energy and wind energy. A significant effort is being made to create renewable and sustainable energy sources to replace fossil fuels.

The book Electronic Devices has introduced a new chapter, Basic Programming Concepts for Automated Testing. Which covers the basics of programming used for the automated testing of electronic devices. It has become increasingly important for electronic technicians, particularly those working in certain environments such as production testing, to have a fundamental grounding in automated testing that involves programming. It guides how to select a neutral grounding resistor for the transformer. 

Moreover, Multisim® circuit files have been added to this edition. And the section objectives have been formatted to provide a better indication of the coverage in each section. The format better reflects the topics covered and their hierarchy.

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