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all new electronics self-teaching guide by harry kybett

All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide by Harry Kybett & Earl Boysen

For a long time, All new electronics self-teaching guide was the center of interest for the community as a classical electronics textbook. Nowadays the book is the best refresher of the concepts for professionals. The book has now presented the new technology with easy explanation and more user-friendly format. The book is great for learning the electronics essentials with very little prerequisite knowledge.

All Electronics Self-Teaching guide is intended for self-learner with high speed. The book featuring great question-answer format, self-test at the end of each chapter and illustrative experiments.

First of all, the book All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide refreshes the basic concept of electrical circuits i.e. current, Ohm’s law up to capacitor response. Then, it starts with basic of electronics, the diode by asking a question and answering them with explanatory comments. Afterward, the transistors i.e. BJT and FET discussed with experiments.

The next part of the book discusses the AC in capacitors, resistors, and inductors preceding by AC prerequisites. Following by resonant circuits, transistors as amplifier, oscillators and the transformers. Finally, the book discusses the diode in AC using the power supply circuit then the book offers the final test with some conclusions.


All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide
Harry Kybett and Earl Boysen

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  1. all electronic fundamentals deeply explain in this book 📚

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