The process of Printed Circuit Board PCB Assembly: Introduction to PCBA

pcb assembly process

. Every PCB has a component connected to it and is called PCB assembly and the process is called the PCB assembly process. In an assembled PCB, components are connected to each other by copper lines called traces for completing a specific circuit.

What is Automation? Introduction to Microcontroller and its Benefits

Semiconductor Basic: Intrinsic and Extrinsic

Automation is the creation and use of advancements to create and convey products and enterprises
with negligible human intercession. The usage of Automation technologies, methods, and procedures improve the proficiency, unwavering quality, and additionally speed of numerous tasks that were recently performed by humans.

Explain Working of the Transistors as a Switch

Working of transistor as a switch

The working of the Transistors as a switch is explained here. When a transistor is used as an electronic switch, the transistor is operated in the cutoff and saturation region to open and close a circuit respectively. The working of transistors as a switch has an important role in digital electronics. Working of the Transistors …

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