Why do Solar Cells Need an Inverter Or What is a Solar Inverter?

When talking about solar power everyone pictures it as a solar panel over the rooftop. No one is talking about the extra components and inverters. After the solar panel, the solar inverter plays an important role in solar power consumption. Before answering the question “ Why do Solar Cells Need an Inverter? ” or “ what is a solar inverter? ” let us find the flow of solar power.

The solar panel absorbs the sunlight and produces electrical power that is not usable by home appliances. The solar panel produces Direct Current (DC) power. While most home appliances are working on Alternating Current (AC) power. The home appliances like Television, Lamps, computers, refrigerator, Air Condition units, and much more work on AC power.

Why do Solar Cells Need an Inverter?

  • A solar cell is a photodiode that converts sunlight to DC power.
  • Multiple solar cells are combined to make a single solar panel.
  • The DC power of all the solar cells is combined in solar panels.
  • The DC power is converted to AC power by the means of an inverter.
  • The AC power is utilized in home appliances.
why solar cells need an inverter and what is a solar inverter

Can we Use DC Power Instead of AC Power?

Of course, we can use DC power at home rather than AC power. But the uses of DC are very limited. For example, the DC can b used for Smartphone charging as it is working on 5volts and the solar power output is more than 12volts. There is a smartphone charger that works on DC instead of AC. There are also lamps for DC 12volts.

One reason for using AC 110/220v is reduced current. While working a DC 12v a high current will be observed that will increase the wire diameter and ultimately the cost of the installation.

Solar power is directly used in RV. Some appliances work on 12v DC. There is no need for an inverter to use in RV depending on the utilization of load.

What is a Solar Inverter?

Inverters are electronic devices that convert DC to AC power. Inverters are used in solar power systems and uninterrupted power systems (UPS). The inverters are made up of power electronics switches that convert DC to AC. It also uses an electronics filter that produces AC sinusoidal waveforms.


Solar inverters are a crucial part of the solar power system. It converts the form of electrical power from 12v DC to AC more compatible with appliances usage. Home the question “Why do solar cells need an inverter” and “what is an inverter” is answered.

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