Planning and Installation of Solar Power System for Home

A solar power system uses sunlight for powering electrical appliances. There is numerous benefit of using a solar power system for the home. Solar power can be a savior for remote areas where is no grid power available. If you are planning to install solar panels on the rooftop of your house, then there are several things to consider.

Step to Solar Power System for Home:

Before purchasing a solar power system, it is advised to follow these steps for efficient and cost-effective implementation.

Optimize Your Home Load

First, calculate a total load of your home. Replace high-consuming appliances with energy-efficient appliances. By auditing your home power consumption, you can know the high-consuming equipment. Think and consult experts if there is a possibility to replace with lower energy-consuming equipment. Replace conventional lighting with LED light for better efficiency. Similarly weatherizing your home may reduce the need for solar power.

Evaluate the Solar Power Potential

The potential of solar power can be accessed by evaluating how much sunlight is reaching the site. There are tools available for evaluating the potential of solar power. Consider shades on rooftops caused by your own or neighbor’s trees.

Considering the life of the roof may be a good option and knowing how long it will take to change the roof. At this stage, it is good to evaluate the cost and potential savings of solar power.

Solar Power System for home

Purchasing Solar Power System

Now purchasing solar power systems and taking permission from the utility grid. Now the installer will connect the solar system with the grid. When the solar system generates more power than it will sell to the grid. When the home’s need for electricity exceeds the power is drawn from the grid.

Installation of Solar System

You may contact a local solar expert to install the solar power system for your home. The installer must be contacted before purchasing the solar system.

The installation process includes solar panel installation over the roof of your home. For that purpose, erecting scaffolding may be needed.

The base for the solar panel called solar mounting should be set up to hold the solar panels. The angle of mounting will tilt at 18 to 36 degrees for maximum sunlight.

Now place your solar panels over the mounting and tighten them to stay stable. After mechanically fixing the panel with nuts and bolts.

Now wiring solar panels with inverters, batteries, and the utility grid. Make sure to power off the grid supply during the installation process. Now check the whole installation process of the solar power systems for your home.

step on installation of Solar Power System for home


Installation of a Solar power system for the home reduces your electricity bill. Even you can all rely on solar power instead of a grid. Solar power needs very low maintenance because no moving parts and it is a clean power generation method. Pay attention to the battery’s acid level and maintain the minimum level of acid.

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