Fundamental of Electrical Engineering by Giorgio Rizzoni

The fundamentals of electrical engineering are a complete landscape of electrical engineering. The book is specially designed for those students who are not from the electrical engineering discipline but are taking the course. It is necessary to point out that the book, Fundamentals of electrical engineering by Giorgio Rizzoni, covers more of the practical aspect of the discipline.

fundamental of electrical engineering giorgio rizzoni

Parts of fundamentals of electrical engineering

The fundamentals of electrical engineering cover three of the sub-disciplines of electrical engineering.

Part I: Circuits

The first part of this book presents a basic introduction to circuit analysis (Chapters 2 through 7). The material includes over 440 homework problems.

Part: II Electronics

Part II, on electronics (Chapters 8 through 12), contains a chapter on operational amplifiers, one on diodes, two chapters on transistors—one each on BJTs and FETs, and one on digital logic circuits. The material contained in this section is focused on the basic applications of these concepts. The chapters include 320 homework problems.

Part III: Electromechanics

Part III, on electromechanics (Chapters 13 and 14), includes basic material on electromechanical transducers and the basic operation of DC and AC machines. The two chapters include 126 homework problems.

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