10 Lighting DIY LED Projects Ideas for Fun and Entertainment

For enjoyment and something, creative one can work on lighting DIY LED projects. Light-emitting diodes (LED) are the famous lighting devices of recent years. The increasing popularity and demand for LEDs are replacing conventional light bulbs very fast. The electronic industry is flourishing day by day because the demand for luminance LEDs and colored LEDs is increasing. Among the colored LEDs, blue-colored LEDs are more common. These LED lights are used in automobiles, household appliances, control circuits, and many other tasks. One can use TRIAC, a three-phase semiconductor, as the switch of light dimmers.

Fun DIY LED projects Lighting

Lighting DIY LED Projects

Let us discuss some DIY LED projects that you can easily build by yourself.

LED Illuminator

In this electronics project, you can design an LED circuit that will give you a light for 10 to 15 seconds, and after that set time, it turns off automatically.

The light resistor that Depends on Light

One can build a circuit that uses a light-dependent resistor along with an operational amplifier. It will be an awesome project which automatically provides you light when it’s dark and is switched off when there is light.

Diphasic Light Switch

You might come across a light bulb on the stairs that have two switches to ON or OFF. You can ON it from one switch and off it from the other. These are the most amazing things in electronics. To build this structure or project, you have to use an SPDT, which is a single pole double throw configuration.

Light Flesher

Design a LED light flesher electronics project with the help of a CMOS 74C04 integrated circuit. It provides an alternative ON and OFF path for the two LEDs which are connected in a parallel fashion.

Timer LED

Here is another simple yet productive project. It uses 555 timer IC (Integrated Circuit), which alternatively ON and OFF a set of LEDs, two or more than two in number. These LEDs are connected to the timer circuit on its output.

PEN Light LED Project

This electronics project is also known as a key chain LED. You can use three components that build this small circuit instead of using the dry cell battery.

Fluorescent LED Lamp

You can design a compact fluorescent LED lamp with a 34KHz frequency of operation. This circuit will support a 13W lamp with the help of 110 or 220 VAC input. It will start lighting with the preheating of the cathode.

Vintage marquee signs

This project is more fun than a serious activity. In this project, you can design a wall background lighting up with your name. The choice is either you want your name or any other phrase. For this purpose, you need paper Mache letters of any size you want, LED lights string, and hot glue. Make holes in the letters at some specific distance and insert LEDs one by one.

To fix their position, drop hot glue on them. After all that fix the letters on the walls near the electric source. You can also attach a battery to the whole circuit. Switch on the circuit and enjoy the background.

Illuminated Yarn Lanterns

Here is another interesting and creative LED light bulb project. For making an illuminated yarn lantern, you need balloons, white glue, and an LED light bulb along with the holder. Soak the yarn in glue-water mixed with starch. After that, wrap that yarn on the balloon and leave the space on one side for inserting the LED light bulb. Wait until it dries, then pop the balloon and remove it. Now, insert an LED light bulb inside, and your illuminated yarn lanterns are ready.   

Ping Pong Decoration Lights

If you are looking to squander your time on some fruitful activity, this could be one of them. Arrange a string of small LED lights, ping pong balls, and hot glue. With the help of a drill, the machine makes an LED size hole in ping pong balls. Insert LED lights and apply hot glue on them to fix the position inside the ping pong balls. Now hang the whole light string on the wall or the openings of the doors. It is ready to give you a pleasant vibe now. Switch it ON or OFF according to the needs.  


These DIY LED projects are aimed to design smart LED light bulb adapters with the help of small circuits. These can be CFL, PIR, and LED-based lamps. Re-wire your home and use these smart LED-based projects and turn your home into a smart house. These projects are also cost-effective, and you do not have to spend much of your money on them. These LED modules only require a small amount of energy to start and light up your house, just 12 volts. The use of transistors and other integrated circuits also lowers the voltage applied because some of the voltages drop across the switch. So, try this project at home and see the results.

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