Safety Tips: Commercial Installation and Maintenance for Electrical Wiring

Some people consider their workplace as their second home. Employees spend most of their time in this place, aside from their homes. This is why keeping a commercial installation and building safe always is essential to any business. It will increase productivity and will keep your mind at peace. To do this, one of the vital things that you be a priority is the electrical functions of the buildings.

Electricity is essential in any commercial building. With many equipment and appliances present in the workplace, electricity consumption tends to be high. Aside from its cost, electrical irregularities could cause some accidents in the future. To help you keep your facility safe, here are some of the tips for commercial installation and maintenance of electrical wiring.

Check the damaged outlets

Commercial spaces often use electrical appliances to make tasks more comfortable and faster. Regular use often leads to normal wear and tear of wall outlets. Some of the signs that you should look out for are cracked wall outlets and discolored outlets. Moreover, if the plugs keep falling out, this is an early sign that your outlet is starting to wear down. If you ever experience flickering lights, sparks, a buzzing sound, or a burning smell, it is best to call an electrician right away.

But why does this happen? The receptacles have hot, ground, and neutral connections. As these wear down, the metal contact points lose their connections to the cords. The wall outlets will then build up heat as this happens. Failure to monitor this may lead to some incidents such as fires and blow-ups.

Avoid using extension cords.

Using extension cords is normal for any commercial establishment. However, these may be harmful to your employees and can cause various incidents. It can even lead to fires or electrical shocks. Why? It is because most people use them to plug multiple appliances at the same time. However, the extension may not be able to handle extra currents flowing through it.

If you are plugging an extension cord into another, you should stop that. If you need an outlet in another space, it would be better to install a new outlet. Remind yourself that spending some money on calling an electrician will be much cheaper than costing a life.

Safety Tips: Commercial Installation and Maintenance for Electrical Wiring

Replace the frayed cords on appliances.

Most people often ignore frayed or worn cords and leave them as they are. They do not know that these could cause some incidents and a potential fire-starter. When a cable is worn out or frayed, the protective layer exposes the wires to electrical current. In the long run, these could get hot and cause overheating. It may also ignite other highly combustible materials like papers, carpets, rugs, curtains, or wood floors.

To avoid these instances, make sure that you test  & tag your cords from time to time. Make sure to replace them when necessary. Suppose this is not possible, buy new equipment or appliances for your commercial space if possible.

Install a fire-rated access panel.

Having designated circuit breakers is essential for any commercial installation and building. It helps regulate the electrical consumption of your facility. It also stops the flow of excess current to prevent further incidents. However, it is also essential that you always keep your circuit breakers and other electrical wiring components safe. It is best to install a 3-hour fire-rated access panel that will protect them.

Before installing one, make sure that you find a reliable company that will provide you with the best quality 3-hour fire-rated access panel. There are trusted companies that help contractors and commercial building owners get the best construction materials.

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