Ohm’s Law

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      How would you apply Ohm’s Law to calculate the current of an electrical device?

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      Its very simple, just find the voltage and resistance of the device to find the current through the device. The link is given below.

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      Chandler Bing

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      David Smith

      Hi Carry121, A very interesting question about Ohms Law. Ohms law is a very powerful method of calculating the three values i.e. Voltage, Current and Resistance. The easy way to determine these values is to use the Ohms triangle, this gives the formulae of V = I X R, I = V/R and R = V/I, The formula you require is the I = V/R so to calculate the current (I) you will have to know the values of the Voltage (V) and the Resistance (R). All of this and more is clearly explained in this great book I came across that my students now use in their studies. Here is the link https://amzn.to/3Z4nLt8

      Regards David

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