How to connect bridge rectifier to center tapped transformer?

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      Beli Tongkang Bekas Parigi Moutong

      To connect a bridge rectifier to a center-tapped transformer:

      1. Identify the center tap on the transformer.
      2. Connect each end of the center-tapped secondary winding to the two AC input terminals of the bridge rectifier.
      3. Connect the positive (+) output of the bridge rectifier to one side of the load.
      4. Connect the negative (-) output of the bridge rectifier to the other side of the load.
      5. Connect a capacitor across the positive and negative DC output terminals to filter the output.

      This configuration allows the bridge rectifier to utilize both halves of the center-tapped transformer’s secondary winding, providing full-wave rectification. Ensure correct polarities and observe safety precautions.

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